Integration Testing from the Trenches

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Software development is a complex craft requiring many steps in its road to completion. In particular, achieving the best context-dependent ratio between cost and quality can only be achieved through an adequate testing strategy. Integration Testing from the Trenches covers through different areas of testing and integration tests in both Java & JavaEE ecosystems:

  • Definitions of relevant terms around testing and integration testing
  • Basic testing tools usable for testing
  • Build tools usage for integration testing, including recipes for Maven and Gradle
  • Mocks, stubs and fakes, in particular in regard to infrastructure resources such as databases, mail and FTP servers, web services
  • In-container testing for the Spring and Spring MVC applications
  • In-container testing for JavaEE application
This book is intended for software developers that want to go beyond just unit-testing and test the collaboration of their classes and modules in an efficient way. At some point in time, available tools were restricted to Jakarta Cactus for Struts. However, the thriving Open Source ecosystem can now provide everything we need to provide proper integration tests, as well as ways to use them with the greatest possible Return Over Investment.

The book is available in all electronic formats and in hardcopy .

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