Clojure Functional Programming

Decoding Clojure code, getting your feet wet

Recently, I had some some fun writing functional Kotlin to solve the FizzBuzz test. I asked for some feedback, and one of the answer I received was in Clojure: In Clojure there's the classic way, with condp and mod. There's also another way using cycle that I saw some years ago. The range and the 2 cycles will generate the fizz & buzz, the rest just decides what to print.Will be easier for you with syntax highlighting -> screenshots— Alexandre Gris

Clojure specifications type

Learning Clojure: coping with dynamic typing

This is the 2nd post in the Learning Clojure focus series. My new position requires me to get familiar with the Clojure language. In intend to document what I learn in a series of posts, to serve as my personal reference notes. As a side-effect, I hope it will also be beneficial to others who want to take the same path. There are already a multitude of great tutorials available: hence, each post will focus on a specific theme, that is specific to Clojure considering that most of my experience com

Clojure dependent types programming by contract

Learning Clojure: dependent types and contract-based programming

This is the 5th post in the Learning Clojure focus series. While describing how to cope with dynamic typing, we used the spec library. The library is not a true replacement for types - checks are executed at runtime instead of compile-time. On the flip side, it can go further than mere types, including emulating dependent types and programming-by-contract.

Clojure sequence stream

Feedback on Learning Clojure: comparing with Java streams

This is the 7th post in the Learning Clojure focus series. Coming from a Java background, I’m currently trying to learn the Clojure programming language, with the help of online resources and mentorship. Some weeks ago, I tried to wire things together by trying to find equivalent methods to those available in Java streams. While I managed to get things working, writing working code and writing idiomatic code are two very different things. I was fortunate to have a good degree of feedback fr