Je suis Charlie

This week, there won’t be any technical article. As you might have heard about, cowards armed with automatic weapons brutally murdered cartoonists, journalists, policemen…​ All all in all, 12 people died because of stupidity and obscurantism, just because their truth was contradictory to their murderers' - or just because they happened to be on site.

Right now, I’m afraid I start to understand what American people felt after September 11th.

I’m not a cartoonist, not a soldier, not a policeman, not a writer, so this is my way of expressing my empathy with the families and those close to the victims. I also urge everyone to clearly separate between the general muslim population who only aspire to live their lives in peace and fanatics. Don’t play the game of the terrorists!

Please let me finish with drawings, one for hope by Banksy, the other for fun in raw Charlie Hebdo style by @LouisonA.

Banksy tomorrow

Bites partout

Nicolas Fränkel

Nicolas Fränkel

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Je suis Charlie
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