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OSGi in action

This review is about OSGi in action from Richard Hall, Karl Pauls, Stuart McCulloch, and David Savage from Manning Publications.


  • 11 chapters, 548 pages, $49.99
  • Covers OSGi R4.2


  • Easy step-by-step learning approach
  • Covers many OSGi pitfalls
  • Use-case study included


  • Too much material 😉


I tried once or twice to tackle OSGi on my own, without much success.

I purchased the book in order to remedy the situation and I wasn’t disappointed: it’s a rich mine of information on OSGi and is riddled with practical tricks to address real-life situations.

Unfortunately, despite the authors claims to the contrary, OSGi is a complex technology and I don’t think many organizations are mature enough to implement it. It’s a shame but thos who do will certainly benefit from this book.

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  1. February 28th, 2012 at 14:53 | #1


    I hope you find some time to do a project in OSGi, because once you get the taste of building a fully modular application there is just no going back. More and more projects are creating their jar files as OSGi bundles which makes their code so much easier to use in an OSGi project. Recently I have found that groovy, gson and xstream jar files are also OSGi bundles and deploy in an OSGi framework straight away. Hopefully someday it will be the norm and not the exception.

    Also I give a big thumbs up to this book as it helped me write the OSGi applications I have written as my own projects and also projects at work.

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