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Starting with Ethereum - Setup

Many people know about Bitcoin, because of its recent rise (and soon crash?). However, Bitcoin is just a currency, albeit a crypto one. As such, it’s of very limited interest to me. But it’s based on the concept of blockchain and that seems to be much more interesting. While there are a lot of resources available on the Web regarding blockchain, they mainly focus on the concept of blockchain, or how it works internally, not so much on how you can as a develo

Kotlin stdlib

Make your life easier with Kotlin stdlib

IMHO, Kotlin is not about big killer features - although extension methods and properties could certainly be categorized as such, but about a bunch of small improvements that have deep impact. Most of them are not built-in into the language, but are functions offered as part of the Kotlin standard library. In this post, I’d like to go through a limited set of them, and describe how they can be used to improve the code.