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Dissolving Design Patterns In Design Elements

The book Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software was one of the texts that changed how we think about software design. This book came out in 1994 through the efforts of Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, and John Vlissides, later remembered as Gang Of Four (GoF) GoF Design Patterns: The Origin, the Impact The book’s importance lies in its effort to review the software production done up at that moment, giving more structure to the concept of Software Design

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A retrospective on Errors Management: where do we go from here?

Error management is a fact of life in software development as it is often inevitable and generated by different causes that also include incorrect or incomplete understanding of the requirements or even lack of knowledge of some tools or elements used during development. Let’s go on a small trip into the evolutions and different concepts related to error management, analyzing why it is difficult and why we are going in new directions after the moment of Exceptions in programming languages

Spring MVC Clean code Design

Common code in Spring MVC, where to put it?

During my journey coding an actuator for a non-Spring Boot application, I came upon an interesting problem regarding where to actually put a snippet of common code. This post tries to list all available options, and their respective pros and cons in a specific context. As a concrete example, let’s use the REST endpoint returning the map of all JVM properties accessible through the /jvmprops sub-context. Furthermore, I wanted to offer the option to search not only for a single property e.g