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Devoxx France 2013 - Day 3

Classpath isn’t dead…​ yet by Alexis Hassler Classpath is dead! — Mark Reinold What is the classpath anyway? In any code, there are basically two kinds of classes: those coming from the JRE, and those that do not (either becasue they are your own custom class or becasue they come from 3rd-party libraries). Classpath can be set either with a simple java class load by the -cp argument or with a JAR by the embedded MANIFEST.MF. A classloader is a class itself. It ca


Devoxx 2012 - Final day

Devoxx last day, I only slept 2 hours during the previous night. Need I really say more? Clustering your applications with Hazelcast by Talip Ozturk. Hazelcast is an OpenSource product used by many companies (even Apple!). HashMap is a no-thread safe key-value implementation. If you need thread safety, you’ll use ConcurrencyHashMap. When you need to distribute your map against distributed JVMs, you use Hazel.getMap() but the rest is the same as for the Map interface (but not interface itsel


Devoxx 2012 - Day 3

-- the last evening was a little hard on me, shall we say. I begin the day at noon, which suits me just fine -- Securing the client-side by Mike West If you want the largest possible audience, chances are you’ll use HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Native hasn’t (yet) the same traction as those traditional technologies. Business logic is slowly moving from those big backends toward browsers. A prerequisite to anything is to send data securely, using HTTPS. There’s no reason today


Devoxx Fr 2012 Day 2

Today begins with the big talk from the Devoxx Fr team, which sums up the story of the Paris JUG and Devoxx France. Proud to be developer? by Pierre Pezziardi In some social situations, when you are asked what you do in life, it’s hard to tell you’re a computer programmer. Because IT is late, costly and well, not very used in everydays life. That’s not entirely untrue. The cost of implementing a feature is constantly growing: IT is the only industry where there is no produ


Devoxx Fr 2012 Day 1

Though your humble writer is a firm believer in abstraction from underlying mechanics, I chose the following conference because there are some use-cases when one is confronted by performance issues that come from mismatch between the developer’s intent and its implementation. Matching them require a better understanding of what really happens. From Runnable and synchronize to parallel() and atomically() by Jose Paumard The talk is all about concurrent programming and its associated side