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  • GMail HTML signature

    This time, I won’t ramble about some point of details that only a handful of specialists have thought about. This time, this article has the potential to touch ten thousand of normal people across the world (I only exaggerate a little of course). This time, I will blog about GMail signatures.

    Ever wanted to have a nicely crafted signature in your emails? Outlook has the feature. I guess other fat softwares have the feature. Guess what? GMail doesn’t. If you don’t believe it (neither did I at first), just try to create a signature that displays something completely extravagant, like a mailto hyperlink for example. You will find out you can’t since the text area only accepts plain text. HTML you could type won’t be treated as such but encoded to plain text. Strangely enough, the mail itself accepts HTML so I really don’t understand the reason behind this limitation.

    GMail signature

    Anyway, the first solution is to have somewhere a file where you can type your nicely crafted signature and paste it into every mail. But software is my trade, and it didn’t feel too satisfying…​

    Wistestamp logo

    Since I couldn’t possibly be the first (or the only one) to have this problem, I went on the hunt on the Internet and found Wisestamp. First, let’s say it is available for Firefox and Chrome, so if you don’t use one of them, tough luck.

    Wisestamp has the following features:

    • HTML signature creation
    • two settings to alternate between business and personal signatures
    • GMail integration: a button appears in your GMail inteface
    • other web-based mails are supported: Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL
    • widgets for social networks
    • inclusion of a hyperlink for the latest link of a RSS feed

    Compared to most similar tools, Wisestamp doesn’t just paste the signature below your mail. If you choose another signature (or even if you update it), it really will replace the  previous signature. It won’t add the newer one below the old one.

    I only got one complaint: I would like more than two signatures so I can, for example, use different languages for my business signature. Then, the product is free so I consider myself lucky!

    I can’t resist the pleasure of showing you my own signature:

    My own signature

    PS: notice the Wisestamp integration.

    If you have the same needs as me, I can only recommend the product.

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  • Firefox 3 Dowload Day

    As you may know (or not), Firefox 3 is to be released in June 2008. For this occasion, the Mozilla Foundation intends to set record for most software downloads in 24 hours. If you already use Firefox and plan on using the version 3, help them !

    Visit Download Day and pledge to download Firefox 3 the day it is released. By the way, put their servers on their knees: they’re practically begging for it.

    Download Day

    Last time I checked, France is severely lagging behind Germany and Spain…​

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