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  • Cloud offerings free tier - Amazon vs Google

    As a developer, you’re a pretty important resources for service providers. Without developers, service providers cannot make savings based on scale. Having developers also means higher chances of someone having a killer idea on top of your service, creating even more value. And developers attract more developers.

    In order to achieve that, service providers offer free services. In the Cloud realm, both Google and Amazon have a packaged offer valid for a year. Once the grace period has expired though, access to some limited free services is still available. This post tries to compare free services of those providers side-by-side.

    Common offerings

    Amazon Web Services Google Cloud Platform logo

    NoSQL database



    Cloud Datastore


    Fast and flexible NoSQL database with seamless scalability

    Highly-scalable NoSQL database

    Storage capacity



    # of reads

    25 units


    # of writes

    25 units


    # of deletes




    Mobile Analytics



    Fast, secure mobile app usage analytics

    Fully managed, petabyte scale, analytics data warehouse

    # of events

    100 million

    # of queries

    1 TB




    Cloud Source Repositories


    Highly scalable, managed source control service

    Multiple private Git repositories hosted on Google Cloud Platform

    Storage capacity

    50 GB

    1 GB

    # of active users


    # of requests





    Cloud Functions


    Compute service that runs your code in response to events and automatically manages the compute resources

    A serverless environment to build and connect cloud services with code

    # of requests

    1 million

    2 millions (including HTTP & method invocation)

    Compute time

    3.2 million seconds

    400k GB.seconds, 200k GHz.seconds



    Storage Gateway

    Google Cloud Storage


    Hybrid cloud storage with seamless local integration and optimized data transfer

    Best in class performance, reliability, and pricing for all your storage needs


    100 GB

    5 GB-months of Regional Storage


    • 5k Class A Operations per month
    • 50k Class B Operations per month
    • 1 GB network egress from North America to all region destinations per month (excluding China and Australia)

    Provider-specific offering

    Items are listed here because:

    • Either the competitor doesn’t provide a similar offering e.g. Google Cloud Speech API
    • Or it does but the offering is outside the free tier e.g. Google Compute Engine vs Amazon EC2


    Product Description Details

    Key Management Service

    Managed service that provides easy encryption with administrative controls

    20k free requests per month

    Device Farm

    Test your iOS, Android and FireOS apps on real devices in the AWS cloud

    Free one-time trial of 250 Device Minutes

    Simple Notification Service

    Fast, flexible, fully managed push messaging service

    • 1 million Publishes
    • 100k HTTP/S Deliveries
    • 1k Email Deliveries


    Continuous delivery service for fast and reliable application updates

    1 Active Pipeline per month


    Monitoring for AWS cloud resources and applications

    • 10 Custom Metrics and 10 Alarms
    • 1 million API Requests
    • 5 GB of Log Data Ingestion and 5 GB of Log Data Archive
    • 3 Dashboards with up to 50 Metrics Each per Month

    Simple Email Service

    Cost-effective email service in the Cloud

    • 62k Outbound Messages per month to any recipient when you call Amazon SES from an Amazon EC2 instance directly or through AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
    • 1k Inbound Messages per month

    Simple Queue Service

    Scalable queue for storing messages as they travel between computers

    1 millions requests

    Simple Workflow Service

    Task coordination and state management service for Cloud applications

    • 10k Activity Tasks
    • 30k Workflow-Days
    • 1k Initiated Executions


    Amazon Chime is a modern unified communications service that offers frustration-free meetings with exceptional audio and video quality

    Basic subscription is free to use for as long you’d like


    Fully managed build service that builds and tests code in the cloud

    100 build minutes per month of build.general1.small compute type usage

    Step Functions

    Coordinate components of distributed applications

    4k state transitions per month


    Analyze and debug your applications

    • 100k traces recorded per month
    • 1 million traces scanned or retrieved per month

    Database Migration Service

    Migrate databases with minimal downtime

    • 750 Hours of Amazon DMS Single-AZ dms.t2.micro instance usage
    • 50 GB of included General Purpose (SSD) storage


    Product Description Details

    Google Compute Engine

    Scalable, high-performance virtual machines

    • 1 f1-micro instance per month (US regions only)
    • 30 GB-months HDD, 5 GB-months snapshot
    • 1 GB network egress from North America to all region destinations per month (excluding China and Australia)

    Google App Engine

    Platform for building scalable web applications and mobile backends

    • 28 instance hours per day
    • 5 GB Cloud Storage
    • Shared memcache
    • 1k search operations per day, 10 MB search indexing
    • 100 emails/day

    Cloud Pub/Sub

    A global service for real-time and reliable messaging and streaming data

    10 GB of messages per month

    Container Engine

    One-click container orchestration via Kubernetes clusters, managed by Google

    • Basic cluster of 5 nodes or fewer
    • The basic cluster is free but each node is charged at standard Compute Engine pricing


    Monitoring, logging, and diagnostics for applications on Cloud Platform and AWS

    • 5 GB of logs with 7 day retention
    • Read access API
    • Basic email alerting

    Cloud Vision API

    Label detection, OCR, facial detection and more

    1k units per month

    Cloud Speech API

    Speech to text transcription, the same that powers Google’s own products

    60 minutes per month

    Cloud Natural Language API

    Derive insights from unstructured text using Google machine learning

    5k units per month

    Cloud Shell

    Manage your infrastructure and applications from the command-line in any browser

    Free access to Cloud Shell, including 5 GB of persistent disk storage

    Cloud Container Builder

    Fast, consistent, reliable container builds on Google Cloud Platform

    120 build-minutes per day


    Free services listed above, even if limited compared to the standard version, shouldn’t be overlooked. They can be used for prototyping, having fun with a crazy idea, teaching and/or self-learning. Have fun!

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  • Free online SVN repositories

    This week, I searched for free online SVN repositories for closed-source projects. Of course, there are plenty of sites offering services for OpenSource projects: Google Code, SourceForge, etc. It may seem amazing, but everybody does not necessarily want to expose its code to the world.

    From what I’ve found, there aren’t so many free SVN repositories around. Since it’s free and provided as a courtesy (not mentioning a thought toward upgrading to priced services later), there are some limits. Criteria are mainly:

    • The amount of disk space available
    • The number of projects you can store
    • The number of user accounts you can create in order to access the SVN

    This is my results table and it definitely not exhaustive:

    Name Mb Projects Users Notes













    Origo is an OpenSource project in itself and provides both the product so you can host it yourself and online services. I couldn’t find any information on online limits though





    I used it once but found to my dismay they erased my account because of months of inactivity





    From a purely numerical point-of-view, and paying features aside, my pick will surely be ProjectLocker. This is not to say the others are bad but the free account has also some very interesting features:

    • Unlimited Bandwidth Transfer
    • SSL Encryption (very unusual for a free service)
    • Redundant RAID storage and Nightly Backups

    I would definitely be interested in knowing what free Subversion provider do you use for your closed-source projects.


    I haven’t had any contact from any person working from ProjectLocker. I’m not an employee of ProjectLocker. The following only reflects my unbiased opinion.

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