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Fully automated Android build pipeline

In the course of my current job, I had to automate jobs for building Android applications. This post aims at describing the pain points I encountered in order for you readers not to waste your time if you intend to do so. The environment is the following: Puppet to automate the infrastructureJenkins for the CI serverThe Android projectA Gradle build file to build itRobolectric as the main testing framework Puppet and Jenkins My starting point was quite sound, indeed. Colleagues had already

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Scala on Android and stuff: lessons learned

I play Role-Playing since I’m eleven, and me and my posse still play once or twice a year. Recently, they decided to play Earthdawn again, a game we didn’t play since more than 15 years! That triggered my desire to create an application to roll all those strangely-shaped dice. And to combine the useful with the pleasant, I decided to use technologies I’m not really familiar with: the Scala language, the Android platform and the Gradle build system. The first step was to design

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Stop the f... about Gradle

Stop the f… about #Spring & #Hibernate migrating to #Gradle. Repeat after me: "my project do NOT have the same requirements" #Maven— Nicolas Frankel 🇺🇦 (@nicolas_frankel) July 16, 2013 This was my week’s hate, and I take full responsibility for every character in it. While that may seem like a troll, Twitter is not really the place to have a good-natured debate with factual arguments, so here is the follow up. Before going into full-blown rhetoric mode, let me fi