Five ways to pass parameters to Apache APISIX

I recently read 6 Ways To Pass Parameters to Spring REST API. Though the title is a bit misleading, as it’s unrelated to REST, it does an excellent job listing all ways to send parameters to a Spring application. I want to do the same for Apache APISIX; it’s beneficial when you write a custom plugin. General setup The general setup uses Docker Compose and static configuration. I’ll have one plugin per way to pass parameters. docker-compose.yml services: httpbin: ima

health check HTTP API

Health Check Response Format for HTTP APIs

I’m continuing my journey on getting more familiar with HTTP APIs by reading related RFCs. This time, I read the Health Check Response Format for HTTP APIs on the suggestion of Stefano Fago. In this post, I’d like to summarize my reading. Note that it’s a draft. Moreover, it has been dormant for nearly two years and, thus, has been automatically expired. However, it’s the closest to a specification on health checks and thus deserves some love. Sample data visualization


Learning by doing: An HTTP API with Rust

When I started working on this post, I had another idea in mind: I wanted to compare the developer experience and performance of Spring Boot and GraalVM with Rust on a demo HTTP API application. Unfortunately, the M1 processor of my MacBook Pro had other ideas. I'm trying to compile a *very* simple #SpringBoot #Kotlin webapp with #GraalVM native image. I'm using Liberica NIK via Docker on a M1 Mac. Compilation seems to be stuck. Anybody has a clue about what happens/how to pinpoint the i