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Taking VSCodium for a spin

As part of my new job on Apache APISIX, I write less Java and Kotlin code. And when I do, the code is really simple. My coding hours (unfortunately not days) involve: A lot of containerization, including Dockerfile, docker-compose.yml, and soon Kubernetes manifestsSome Python for scripting jobs - I abandoned Kotlin Scripting for thisA bit of Lua because I want to learn it as part of my jobA bit of Rust because I want to learn it for funA bit of Kotlin because I still love it Because of this, I

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Coping with stringly-typed

UPDATED on March 13, 2017: Add Builder pattern section Most developers have strong opinions regarding whether a language should be strongly-typed or weakly-typed, whatever notions they put behind those terms. Some also actively practice stringly-typed programming - mostly without even being aware of it. It happens when most of attributes and parameters of a codebase are String. In this post, I will make use of the following simple snippet as an example: public class Person { private fin

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Top Eclipse plugins I wouldn't go without

Using an IDE to develop today is necessary but any IDE worth his salt can be enhanced with additional features. NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse have this kind of mechanism. In this article, I will mention the plugins I couldn’t develop without in Eclipse and for each one advocate for it. m2eclipse Maven is my build tool of choice since about 2 years. It adds some very nice features comparing to Ant, mainly the dependencies management, inheritance and variable filtering. Configuring