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Semantics: state or dependency, not both

The more I program, the easier it gets. However, the more questions arise regarding programming. This week, my thinking was about Object-Oriented Programming. I’ve been told that OOP is about encapsulating state and behavior is a single isolated unit. In languages I know, state translates into attributes and behavior into methods. public class Cat { private Color color; public void mew() { ... } } That said, unit testing requires the ability to test in isolation: this ha

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Forget the language, the important is the tooling

There’s not one week passing without stumbling upon a post claiming language X is superior to all others, and offers you things you cannot do in other languages, even make your kitchenware shine brightier and sometimes even return lost love. I wouldn’t mind these claims, because some features really open my Java developer mind to the lacking of what I’m using now, but in general, they are just bashing another language - usually Java.

JVM language

Do we need other languages on the JVM?

It seems a trend has caught on and accelerated recently: every organization worth his salt in the Java ecosystem feels the need to create its own language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine. Side by side with legacy languages like Jython and JRuby, and along more promoted ones like Scala, Red Hat announced Ceylon and now it’s JetBrain’s turn with Kotlin. However, the real question is not whether we need them (the answer is a simple 'no' since we created software without them), but