Give back to the community (please?)

Last week, I was ticked off by the behavior of a colleague: he complained the duplicated code panel in Sonar was not explicite enough. When I remarked he could give feedback to the Sonar team, he replied he had other things to do! As for me, I use OpenSource projects since a while back: Struts was my first, but now there are the whole Apache frameworks (Log4J, CXF and Commons just to name a few), Spring, Hibernate, Vaadin of course but also tools like Maven, Hudson/Jenkins, Sonar and the list g

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Manage the quality of your projects with Sonar

Sonar is a free OpenSource product that provides you with a general dashboard displaying information about the codebase of each configured project, such as: Number of failed tests,% of code coverage,% of rules compliance (more later),% of duplicated lines,and much more. Then you get an additional graphical information showing: a square for the size of your project’s codebase relative to the entire codebase’s size,a color (from red to green) for the % of rules compliance. Yet, w