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OSGi in action

February 26th, 2012 1 comment

This review is about OSGi in action from Richard Hall, Karl Pauls, Stuart McCulloch, and David Savage from Manning Publications.


  • 11 chapters, 548 pages, $49.99
  • Covers OSGi R4.2


  • Easy step-by-step learning approach
  • Covers many OSGi pitfalls
  • Use-case study included


  • Too much material 😉


I tried once or twice to tackle OSGi on my own, without much success.

I purchased the book in order to remedy the situation and I wasn’t disappointed: it’s a rich mine of information on OSGi and is riddled with practical tricks to address real-life situations.

Unfortunately, despite the authors claims to the contrary, OSGi is a complex technology and I don’t think many organizations are mature enough to implement it. It’s a shame but thos who do will certainly benefit from this book.

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Simplest Java decoupling without 3rd party frameworks

March 21st, 2009 1 comment

“[…] coupling (or dependency) is the degree to which each program module relies on each one of the other modules.”

From Wikipedia

In object-oriented programming, removing dependencies is done by using interface. Thus, if class A is dependent on class B, we introduce interface C, which is implemented by B. Now A depends on C  (see below).

This first step in decoupling is called programming by interface. Read more…

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