Apache APISIX plugin Lua analysis

Down the rabbit hole of an Apache APISIX plugin

My demo, Evolving your APIs, features a custom Apache APISIX plugin. I believe that the process of creating a custom plugin is relatively well-documented. However, I wanted to check the parameters of the _M.access(conf, ctx) function, especially the ctx one. The documentation states: The ctx parameter caches data information related to the request. You can use core.log.warn(core.json.encode(ctx, true)) to output it to error.log for viewing. Unfortunately, core.log ultimately depends on

maven plugin POM

The Flatten Maven plugin

One of the Apache Maven committers recently wrote about their plans for Maven 5. I consider the following one of the most significant changes: In summary, we need to make a distinction between two POM types: the build POM, stored in the project source control, that uses v5 schema for build time, requiring a new Maven version able to use the new features associated to the new schema,the consumer POM, that is published to Maven Central in the good old v4 schema, so every past or future build t

code quality SonarQube Kotlin plugin ANTLR

A SonarQube plugin for Kotlin - Creating the plugin proper

This is the 3rd post in a series about creating a SonarQube plugin for the Kotlin language: The first post was about creating the parsing code itself.The 2nd post detailed how to use the parsing code to check for two rules. In this final post, we will be creating the plugin proper using the code of the 2 previous posts. The Sonar model The Sonar model is based on the following abstractions: Plugin Entry-point for plugins to inject extensions into SonarQube A plugin points to the ot

code quality SonarQube Kotlin plugin

A SonarQube plugin for Kotlin - Analyzing with ANTLR

Last week, we used ANTLR to generate a library to be able to analyze Kotlin code. It’s time to use the generated API to check for specific patterns. API overview Let’s start by having a look at the generated API: KotlinLexer: Executes lexical analysis.KotlinParser: Wraps classes representing all Kotlin tokens, and handles parsing errors.KotlinParserVisitor: Contract for implementing the Visitor pattern on Kotlin code. KotlinParserBaseVisitor is its empty implementation, to ease t

code quality SonarQube Kotlin plugin ANTLR

A SonarQube plugin for Kotlin - Paving the way

Since I started my journey into Kotlin, I wanted to use the same libraries and tools I use in Java. For libraries - Spring Boot, Mockito, etc., it’s straightforward as Kotlin is 100% interoperable with Java. For tools, well, it depends. For example, Jenkins works flawlessly, while SonarQube lacks a dedicated plugin. The SonarSource team has limited resources: Kotlin, though on the rise - and even more so since Google I/O 17, is not in their pipe. This post series is about creating such a pl

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frankel.ch goes mobile!

If you do browse this site with your computer, chances are you didn’t notice anything. On the contrary, if you browse it with a mobile device (an iPhone for example), it’s kind like a new user experience! In fact, in almost 1 minute, I made this site adapted to mobile browsing. How? Just used my friend Google who found WPTouch, a WordPress plugin which in fact behaves like a configurable theme, but only on mobiles. WPTouch features are impressive (and free). Most notably, supporte