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Limits of the technical debt analogy

The triangle of project management is a well-known model, used through and through since ages. I assume most software developers, even junior ones, are familiar with those: TimeCostScope As for my personal experience in the software industry, all projects have been behind schedule, with only a few exceptions for small projects (some man-months). The reason might probably because initial estimations were too low, either by accident or on purpose, but that is a subject best tackled in anothe

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Refactoring code for testability: an example

Working on a legacy project those last weeks gave me plenty of material to write about tests, Mockito and PowerMock. Last week, I wrote about abusing PowerMock. However, this doesn’t mean that you should never use PowerMock; only that if its usage is commonplace, it’s a code smell. In this article, I’d like to show an example how one can refactor legacy code to a more testable design with the temporary help of PowerMock. Let’s check how we can do that using the following c