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The importance of rel=canonical for content writers

The subject of canonical reference has been touched thousand times. But since some content writers are still making the same mistake over and over, I think it’s beneficial to add one more. I hope to reach some who aren’t aware of it. Content writing is not enough Writing content is not enough: you can have written the best blog post of the century; it’s no good if nobody sees it. One has two ways to spread the word: Link to the post on social mediaCopy the post to another s

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Adventures in SEO with Vaadin

TL;DR: Vaadin was hardly SEO-friendly in the past. Not anymore, with the new Volga library. Bookmarking pages Bookmarking is as old as www itself. Being able to save an URL is part of the ADN of websites. Regarding web apps, this is somewhat different. For example, in an e-commerce webapp, while it does make sense to bookmark a specific product, bookmarking a specific step of the checkout process does not. Following the shop example, here’s what happens in a traditional servlet-based

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Show you blog some love

Blogging is very interesting, but just as for cars, it’s (unfortunately) not only about driving the car, it’s also about its maintenance. As I believe there’s some worthy content inside, and I’ve reached +20k visits per month, I thought it would be time to add or complete some features. Cookie authorization Though 'normal' blogging sites such as mine are probably below the radar of governments agencies, European laws mandate for sites to ask about users consent before