servlet mapping

Tricky servlet mappings!

Last week, I wrote about the creative use one can make of Filters by grading assignments of students. About, there’s another recurring issue that warrants a blog post: servlet mappings. While servlet mappings seem easy on the surface, they sometimes can be the cause of huge headaches. The issue In the assignment mentioned above, students have to create a mock e-commerce shop application. The home page shows a title, an introduction phrase, as well as a catchy image. The issue is that th

security servlet

New declarative security features in Servlet 3.0

Servlet 3.0 is not only about the replacement of the web.xml deployment descriptor by annotations. In this article, we’ll see what improvement it makes in the realm of security. In Servlet 2.5 (and before that), declarative security was about the following features: authentication method (BASIC, FORM, etc)authorization to differents parts of the application (web application resources)data confidentiality and integritysession time-out Servlet 3.0 adds standardized ways regarding two conf