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Annotation-free Spring

Some, if not most, of our judgments regarding technology stacks come either from third-party opinions or previous experiences. Yet, we seem to be adamant about them. For a long time (and sometimes even now), I’ve seen posts that detailed how Spring is bad because it uses XML for its configuration. Unfortunately, they blissfully ignore the fact that annotation-based configuration has been available for ages. Probably because of the same reason I recently read that Spring is bad…​

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Another post-processor for Spring Boot

Most Spring developers know about the BeanPostProcessor and the BeanFactoryPostProcessor classes. The former enables changes to new bean instances before they can be used, while the latter lets you modify bean definitions - the metadata to create the bean. Commons use-cases include: Bootstrapping processing of @Configuration classes, via ConfigurationClassPostProcessorResolving ${…​} placeholders, through PropertyPlaceholderConfigurerAutowiring of annotated fields, setter methods and