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Event Streams in Action

Between 2009 and 2013, I published ten book reviews on this blog. And since then, nothing. Reading a book is a huge commitment, not to mention the review. During the lockdown, Manning approached me for a 'partnership opportunity'. In general, I turn down such offers. But I already bought and read books from Manning in the past: they range from above-average to good reads. I proposed to amend the deal like this: Manning sends a book of my choice for free and I write an honest review. The publi

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Stream processing: sources and sinks

This is the 3rd post in the Stream Processing focus series. Last week, we had a look at how stream processing could help us compute mathematical approximations using Hazelcast Jet. We described the Pipeline API, and mentioned that it drew from a source and drained to a sink. This week, I’d like to detail those concepts, what out-of-the-box sinks and sources are available in Jet, and how to create your own should the need be.