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Do not use taglibs, use tagfiles!

Taglibs are wonderful components available since J2EE 1.3. They enable you, as developer: to refrain from using too much scriptlets (free-form Java code) in your Java Server Pages,to have a library of reusable components that can be distributed to all your projects. Both are very important in the enterprise as of now. For example, as an architect, you can disallow the use of scriptlets altogether and then provide taglibs to restrain what can be done on the page. Such policies are not uncommon a

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Decrease your pages load time

1. Generalities Web applications have several advantages over traditional client server applications: since business code comes from a unique server (forget clustering here), they are always up-to-date. Moreover, deployment of a new version is only a matter of minutes. They have one big drawback, though. Since HTML code is sent through the network, responsiveness is generally much less than that of traditional applications. The responsiveness of an interactive system describes how quickly

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VIT: Very Important Taglib

Every application needs to display tabulated data. Well, web applications are no different. So, as an architect, your job is to provide a mechanism to handle these tables gracefully and equally in your whole application. First thing that comes to mind is the reuse of an existing mechanism to do so. Well, you’re lucky. If you don’t happen to have to use JSF, there’s a neat tag library that handles the job like a pro. For those that don’t remember what a taglib is, please