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Reassessing TestNG vs. Junit

In my latest blog post, I advised reassessing one’s opinion now and then as the IT world changes fast. What was true a couple of years ago could be dead wrong nowadays, and you probably don’t want to base your decisions on outdated data. This week, I’d like to follow my advice. One of my first posts was advocating for TestNG vs. JUnit. In the post, I mentioned several features that JUnit lacked: No parameterizationNo groupingNo test method ordering Since JUnit 5 has been out

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PowerMock, features and use-cases

Even if you don’t like it, your job sometimes requires you to maintain legacy applications. It happened to me (fortunately rarely), and the first thing I look for before writing as much as a single character in a legacy codebase is a unit testing harness. Most of the time, I tend to focus on the code coverage of the part of the application I need to change, and try to improve it as much as possible, even in the total lack of unit tests.

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Arquillian on legacy servers

In most contexts, when something doesn’t work, you just Google the error and you’re basically done. One good thing about working for organizations that lag behind technology-wise is that it generally is more challenging and you’re bound to be creative. Me, I’m stuck on JBoss 5.1 EAP, but that doesn’t stop me for trying to use modern approach in software engineering. In the quality domain, one such try is to be able to provide my developers a way to test their code in

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No, those are not ingredients for a new fruit salad recipe. These are just the components I used in one of my pet project: it’ss a Swing application in which I wanted to try out CDI. I ended up with Weld SE, which is the CDI RI from JBoss. The application was tested alright with TestNG (regular users know about my preference of TestNG over JUnit) save the Swing GUI. A little browsing on the Net convinced me the FEST Swing testing framework was the right solution: It offers a DSL for end-

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Top Eclipse plugins I wouldn't go without

Using an IDE to develop today is necessary but any IDE worth his salt can be enhanced with additional features. NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse have this kind of mechanism. In this article, I will mention the plugins I couldn’t develop without in Eclipse and for each one advocate for it. m2eclipse Maven is my build tool of choice since about 2 years. It adds some very nice features comparing to Ant, mainly the dependencies management, inheritance and variable filtering. Configuring

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The unit test war : JUnit vs TestNG

What is unit testing anyway? If you’re in contact with Java development, as a developer, an architect or a project manager, you can’t have heard of unit testing, as every quality method enforces its use. From Wikipedia: Unit testing is a test (often automated) that validates that individual units of source code are working properly. A unit is the smallest testable part of an application. In procedural programming a unit may be an individual program, function, procedure, etc., wh