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Running your domain on HTTPS for free

This blog runs on HTTP for a long time as there is no transaction taking place so no security is needed (I use SFTP for file transfer). However, since Google’s latest search algorithm change, I’ve noticed a sharp decrease in the number of monthly visits, from more than 20k to around 13k. While my goal has never been to have the highest number of visits, it’s still good feedback to me (as well as a nice warm feeling). As it seems turning on HTTPS didn’t seem like a big de

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Show you blog some love

Blogging is very interesting, but just as for cars, it’s (unfortunately) not only about driving the car, it’s also about its maintenance. As I believe there’s some worthy content inside, and I’ve reached +20k visits per month, I thought it would be time to add or complete some features. Cookie authorization Though 'normal' blogging sites such as mine are probably below the radar of governments agencies, European laws mandate for sites to ask about users consent before

plugin wordpress goes mobile!

If you do browse this site with your computer, chances are you didn’t notice anything. On the contrary, if you browse it with a mobile device (an iPhone for example), it’s kind like a new user experience! In fact, in almost 1 minute, I made this site adapted to mobile browsing. How? Just used my friend Google who found WPTouch, a WordPress plugin which in fact behaves like a configurable theme, but only on mobiles. WPTouch features are impressive (and free). Most notably, supporte

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WordPress 2.7.1 upgrade

Noticed anything different on this blog? No? Yet, I upgraded WordPress from version 2.5 to version 2.7.1. Since you had no problems viewing this post, we can safely admit the upgrade process was entirely successful. The upgrade process is very simple since WordPress is developed in PHP. Just copy (and sometimes overwrite) the contents of the wordpress folder to your webserver and presto, you got the new version. I must admit I was a little afraid something would go wrong…​ And what