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Integrate Spring JavaConfig with legacy configuration

The application I’m working on now uses Spring both by parsing for XML Spring configuration files in pre-determined locations and by scanning annotations-based autowiring. I’ve already stated my stance on autowiring previously, this article only concerns itself on how I could use Spring JavaConfig without migrating the whole existing codebase in a single big refactoring.

This is easily achieved by scanning the package where the JavaConfig class is located in the legacy Spring XML configuration file:

However, we may need to inject beans created through the old methods into our new JavaConfig file. In order to achieve this, we need to autowire those beans into JavaConfig:

public class JavaConfig {

    private FooDao fooDao;

    private FooService fooService;

    private BarService barService;

    public AnotherService anotherService() {

        return new AnotherService(fooDao);

    public MyFacade myFacade() {

        return new MyFacade(fooService, barService, anotherService());

You can find complete sources for this article (including tests) in IDEA/Maven format.

Thanks to Josh Long and Gildas Cuisinier for the pointers on how to achieve this.

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  1. Greg
    November 12th, 2013 at 01:18 | #1

    No need use injected members, just use injected arguments instead

    public AnotherService anotherService(@Autowired FooDao fooDao) {

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