Offering my blog to new authors

Regular readers of this blog know that I started it a long time ago, namely in April 2008. I soon found my cruising speed: a post a week. It requires time and discipline, but I achieved this goal during all those years.

However, while I still have enough of both, I start to miss good post ideas. There are several reasons for this. I’ve always told that working on real-world projects is a vast source of ideas. Moving to Developer Advocacy, I’ve widened the list of topics I’m familiar with but cut myself from this source. However, I would prefer to reduce the pace of the weekly post.

Still, the blog has traction. The number of unique monthly sessions varies between 25k and +30k. For this reason, I’d like to offer the platform to them. I believe it can be a good opportunity for first-time (or second-time) writers. Compared to regular content aggregators, the main benefit is that your content won’t be drowned among the rest and will be featured for an entire week. As for my regular blog posts, I’ll also spread the word about guest authors'. In fact, there will be no difference between my posts and others.

I’ll enforce a couple of rules, though:

  • No advertisment in any form. The blog has always been about technical content, first and foremost, even though I rant now and then. I want to keep it this way.
  • No payment either way. You won’t pay to use my blog; I won’t pay either.
  • You’ll be credited as the author.
  • You can cross-post to your heart content, as long as you reference the original post on the blog using the link rel=canonical attribute. Google hates duplicate content.
  • I’ll help you review the post
  • I have the final say whether to publish the post or not. You can think of me as the editor-in-chief. In particular, I don’t support some themes I consider hype but bring nothing to the industry table, e.g., the so-called Web3.

If interested, please ping me on Twitter or Mastodon.

Nicolas Fränkel

Nicolas Fränkel

Developer Advocate with 15+ years experience consulting for many different customers, in a wide range of contexts (such as telecoms, banking, insurances, large retail and public sector). Usually working on Java/Java EE and Spring technologies, but with focused interests like Rich Internet Applications, Testing, CI/CD and DevOps. Also double as a trainer and triples as a book author.

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Offering my blog to new authors
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