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Advices on writing blog posts

At work, I’ve recently been asked to advise our engineers on how to write blog posts. A lot of such articles are already available. However, they tend to focus around two main themes: The technical publishing platform e.g. Jekyll, Medium, etc.Metrics e.g. readability score, SEO, etc. Beyond that, everyone is on one’s own. But I believe that writing a good technical article is as much art as engineering. In this post, I’d like to try to address this gap: I’ve been writi

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My blogging stack and publishing process

I know a lot of people who have interesting things to say: when I can, I try to encourage them to write their own blogs. I think every developer who has interest should do it, with the minimal hurdle possible. However, for reasons I cannot fathom, Medium has become the blogging platform of choice. Let’s face it, while the platform is okay-ish for non-technical posts, it’s not adapted for subjects that involve code - and formatting.

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Running your domain on HTTPS for free

This blog runs on HTTP for a long time as there is no transaction taking place so no security is needed (I use SFTP for file transfer). However, since Google’s latest search algorithm change, I’ve noticed a sharp decrease in the number of monthly visits, from more than 20k to around 13k. While my goal has never been to have the highest number of visits, it’s still good feedback to me (as well as a nice warm feeling). As it seems turning on HTTPS didn’t seem like a big de

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Drupal 7 to Jekyll, an epic journey

There’s a recent trend in blogging that consists of dropping PHP platforms such as WordPress and Drupal in factor of static HTML pages generated when needed. Static blogs have many advantages over PHP engines: They’re much faster since there’s no computation overhead at runtime for composing the rendered pageThere’s no security issues regarding SQL injectionFinally, generating the site removes the need for a staging area with possibly mismatched configurations morevaad