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This review is about Sonatype’s Maven: The complete reference by Tim O’Brien, John Casey, Brian Fox, Jason Van Zyl, Eric Redmond and Larry Shatzer. Disclaimer: I learned Maven from Sonatype’s site 3 years ago. I found it was a great tool to learn Maven. Now that I have a little more experience in the tool, I tried to write this review in an objective manner. Facts 13 chapters, 267 pages, free (see below)This book is intended for both readers who wants to learn Maven from scratch

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I was contacted last week by Packt Publishing. They made me the following offer: I was to choose the books I wished in their catalog and then write an article for each of them. I gave this offer much thought and finally said yes on the condition I was to be free to say what I really thought about the book. Since I’m not known for my soft stances on many subjects, I’m really looking forward to write my first article; first, to evaluate the book’s material in itself and second,

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A design pattern in architecture and computer science is a formal way of documenting a solution to a design problem in a particular field of expertise. — Wikipedia Design patterns are a common reference in our line of work. People who discuss a pattern often draw strange looks from people who don’t about it (or who don’t know about patterns in general). Of course, there are dozens and dozens of design patterns just waiting for us to know them. IMHO, today, the three follo